Valueable S/W on stable and fast H/W, Carmanscan VG Plus will lead you to professional diagnostic world.

New Graphic User Interface and LCD Screen

Diagnosis only with Battery (OBD I type Vehicle)

6 or 8 Cylinder DIS System measurement

Long life Battery - Battery Leakage Current : 300uA (about)

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Work with TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) at Option

Bright LED Backlight

256M bytes(Max 1G bytes) Built-in memory

Compact and precise scan tool

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Carmanscan AT can check vehicle ECU infor-mation and malfunction status through the OBD-I, OBD-II and CAN communication.

You can connect Carmanscan AT to the vehicle diagnostic connector with a diagnosis cable to check the engine, auto-matic tarnsmission, ABS, air bag, power steering and other devices errors, view current data and use actuator drive features.

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PC Base Scan Tool Combining Convenient Use & Accurate Diagnosis with Wireless Communication

More Stable Diagnosis Available with the Option of Wifi or Blue tooth

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