A - Processed Vehicle Speed Signal
AB - Airbag
ABS - Anti-Lock Braking System (Antiblockiersystem)
ACC - Active Cruise
A/D - Analog to Digital
ADS - Engine Intake Air Control
ADV - Windshield Wiper Pressure Control
AFS - Active Front Steering
AGS - Adaptive Transmission Control
AHPS - Advanced Head Protection System
AIC - Automatic Interval Control (Automatic Intervall Control/Regensensor)
AITS - Advanced Inflatable Tubular Structure see AHPS
AKS - Active Head Restraint System (Aktive Kopfstutze)
ARS - Active Roll Stabilization (Aktive Rollstabilisierung)
ASC - All Season Control
ASC+T - ASC + Traction
ASE - Advanced Safety Electronics
ASK - Audio System Controller (Audio-System-Kontroller)
AST - Slip Control (Marketing)
AUC - Automatic Air Recirculation
AWL - Airbag Warning Lamp

B - Benzine (used in engine codes)
BC - Board Computer
BLS - Brake Light Switch (Bremslichtschalter)
BMBT - Board Monitor
BMW - Bavarian Motor Works (Bob Marley&d Wailers) (Bayerische Motoren Werke)
BST - Battery Safety Terminal
BZM - Center Console Control Center (Bedienzentrum Mittelkonsole)

CAN - Controller Area Network
CBC - Corner Braking Control
CCM - Check Control Module
CIP - Coding Individualization and Programming
CVM - Convertible Top Module

D-Bus - Diagnosis Bus (TXD)
DDE - Digital Diesel Electronics
DIN - German Industrial Stadards (like our SAE)
DIS - Diagnosis and Information System
DISA - Differnential Intake Air Control (Differenzierte Sauganlage)
DK - Throttle Housing
DKI - Throttle Position
DME - Digital Motor Electronics
DM-TL Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage
DSC - Dynamic Stablity Control (Dynamische Stabilitats Control)
DSP - Digital Sound Processing
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code or Dynamic Traction Control
DWA - Theft Deterrent System
DWS - Tire Pressure Warning System

E-KAT - Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter
EBV - Electronic Brake Force Distribution (Elektronische Bremskraftverteilung)
ECO - Electronically Controlled Orifice
ECM - Engine Control Module (per SAE)
EDC - Electronic Damper Control (Elektronische Dampfer Steuerung)
EDK - Electronic Throttle Valve
EGS - Electronic Transmission Control
EH - Electronic Hydraulic
EHC - Electronic Height Control (Elektronische Hohenstands Control)
EKP - Electric Fuel Pump (Elektrische Kraftstoffpumpe)
EKM - Electronic Body Module
ELV - Electronic Steering Lock
EML - Electronic Motor Load Regulation (Electronische Motorleistungsregulierung)
EO - Component Location
EWS - Electronic Driveaway Protection (Elektronische Wegfahsperre)

FA - Vehicle Order (Fahrzeug-Auftrag)
FB - Functional Description (Funktionsbestatigung)
FBZV - Radio Frequency Locking System
FIRST - Fully Integrated Road Safety Technology

GAL - Speed Dependant Volume
GPS - Global Positioning System
GM - General Module (Grundmodul)
GMR - Yaw Moment Module
GRAV - Gewichtsreduzierter Aluminiumvorderbau (E60 Aluminum process)
GRII - Cruise Control

HDC - Hill Descent Control
HFM - Hot Film Air Mass Meter (Heibfilm-Luftmassenmesser)
HLM - Hot Wire Air Mass Meter (Hitzdraht-Luftmassenmesser)
HPS - Head Protection System
HUD - Heads Up Display

IB - Interior Lighting Control Signal
I-bus - Information Bus
IBS - Intelligent Battery Sensor
IHKA - Automatic Heating and A/C
IHKR - Regulated Heating and A/C
IHKS - Standard Heating and A/C
IKE - Instrument Cluster Electronics (Instrumentenkombination-Elektonik)
ISIS - Intelligent Safety Information System (Intelligentes Sicherheits-und Informations-System)
ISN - Individual Serial Number or Individual Control Unit Number
ITS - Inflatable Tubular Structure

KAT - Catalytic Converter
KATON - Converter Heating Signal
K-Bus - Body Bus
KBM - Body Basic Module (Karosserie-Basis-Modul)
KL - Terminal Designation (like KL15 is ignition positon on the key)
KO - Compressor "ON" Signal
Kombi- Cluster in German
KOREL - Compressor Relay Signal
KW - Crankshaft

LCM - Lamp Check Module (Lamp Kontrol Modul)
LDP - Leak Diagnosis Pump
LED - Light Emitting Diode
LEV - Low Emissions Vehicle
LIN - Local Interconnect Network
LKM - Lamp Control Module
LL - Idle or Closed Throttle Position (Leerlauf)
LRA - Vertical Headlight Aiming
LRE - Steering Wheel Electronics
LSE - Steering Column Electronics
LSM - Steering Column Memory
LSZ - Light Switching Center (Lightschaltzentrum)
LVA - Air Supply System
LWR - Vertical Headlight Aiming
LWS5 - Steering Angle Sensor

M-ASK - Multi-Audio System Controller (Multi-Audio-System-Kontroller)
MBC - Maximum Brake Control
MDK - Motorized Throttle Valve (Motorische Drosselklappe)
MFL - Multi-function Steering Wheel
MID - Multi Information Display
MoDiC - Mobile Diagnostic Computer
MOST - Media Oriented System Transport
MRS - Multiple Restraint System (Mehrfach-Ruckhaltesystem)
MRSA - Side Impact Sensor
MSR - Deceleration Slip Regulation or Engine Drag Torque Reduction (Motorschleppmomentregelung)

NVRAM - Non-Volatile Random Access Memory

OBC - On Board Computer
OBD - On Board Diagnostics
OC-3 - Occupant Classifier-3
OPPS - Optic Testing and Programming Systems (Optisches Pruf-und Programmiersystem)
OPS - Optic Programming System
ORVR - On Board Refueling and Vapor Recovery

PB - Pin Assignments
P-Bus - Periphery Bus
PDC - Park Distance Control
PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient
PuMA - (Problem-und Mebnahmenmanagement Aftersales)
PWG - Pedal Position Sensor (Pedalwertgeber)
PWM - Pulse Width Modulation (Pulseweitenmodulation)

RAM - Random Access Memory
RDC - Tire Pressure Control (Reifen Druck Control)
RDW - Tire Pressure Warning System (Reifendruckwarnung)
RLS - Rain and Light Sensor
RM - Relay Module
RPS - Rollover Protection System
RXD - Wake-up Diagnosis Line
RZV - Direct Stationary Ignition (Rehende Zundspannungsverteilung)

SAC - Self Adjusting Clutch (Selbstnachstellende Kupplung)
SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
SASL - Satellite A-Pillar, Left (Satellit A-Saule Links)
SASR - Satellite A-Pillar, Right (Satellie A-Saule Rechts)
SB - Fuse Assignments
SBE - Passenger Seat Occupancy Detection System (Sitzbelegungserkennung)
SBK - see BST (Safety Batterie Klemme)
SBSL - B-Pillar Satellite, Left (Satellit B-Saule Links)
SBSR - B-Pillar Satellite, Right (Satellit B-Saule Recht)
SCA - Soft Close Actuator
S/E - Send and Receive
SFZ - Center Vehicle Satellite (Satellit Fahrzueg Zentrum)
SG - Control Unit (Steuergerat)
SGM - Safety and Gateway Module (Safety Gateway Modul)
SGS - Seat Integrated Belt System (Sitzintegriertes Gurtsystem)
SHD - Sunroof Module
SIA - Service Interval Indicator (Service-Intervall-Anzeige)
SIM - Safety and Information Module (sicherheits-Informationsmodul)
SLP - Secondary Air Pump (Sekundar-Luft-Pumpe)
SMBF - Seat Module, Passenger (Sitzmodul Beifahrer)
SMFA - Seat Module, Driver (Sitzmodul Fahrer)
SMG - Sequential Manual Gearbox (Sequenzielles M Getriebe or Sequenzielles Manualles Schalt-Getriebe)
SP - Schematic
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System
SSBF - Seat Satellite, Passenger (Satellit Beifahrersitz)
SSFA - Seat Satellite, Driver (Satellite Fahrersitz)
SSH - Seat Satellite, Rear
ST - Connector Views
STVL - Door Satellite, Front Left (Satellit Tur Vorne Links)
STVR - Door Satellite, Front Right (Satellite Tur Vorne Recht)
SULEV - Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle
SZL - Steering Column Switch Center (Schaltzentrum Lenksaule)
SZM - Switching Center Console (Schaltzentrum Mittelkonsole)

TCU - Telematics Control Unit
TD - Engine Speed Signal
ti - Injector "ON" time
TL - Part Throttle
TLEV - Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
TMBF - Door Satellite, Passenger Door (Tur Modul Beifahrer)
TMFA - Door Satellite, Driver (Tur Modul Fahrer)
TRS - Battery Isolation Switch
TSH - Door Lock Heating System
TU - Technical Update (like with engine codes)
TXD - Transmitting Diagnosis Line

URSS - see RPS (Uberroll Shultz System)

VANOS - Variable Camshaft Control (Variable Nocken-Steuerung or Variable Nockenwellen-Steuerung)
VL - Full Load - Wide Open Throttle (WOT)
VVT - Variable Valve Timing (Variable Ventiltrieb)

WK - Converter Lock-up Clutch

ZAE - Central Activation Electronics (Zentrale Auslose Elektronik)
ZCS - Central Coding Key
ZGM - Central Gateway Module (Zentral Gateway Modul)
ZKE - Central Body Electronics (Zentrale Karosserieelektronik)
ZV - Central Locking System
ZVM - Central Locking Module
ZWD - Idle Control Valve (Zweiwicklungs Leerlauf-Drehsteller)